Send to other platforms as Email.
The IO Foundation

At times you can use an email address to post on a non-email platform.
For instance, Slack channels can have an email associated.

  • Allow to customize view (Slack takes Desktop and it cuts on the right)
  • Allow removing the "Unsubscribe" link in THOSE messages as it makes no sense and it can be used against the interests of publishing in that channel. Maybe the Contact could have a field of "no human" or "I declare Unsubscribe doesn't apply" or whatever other type of pledge/consent.
    You don't want a user in the channel to stop those messages from coming in; it's your channel after all and whomever is there is by their own volition.
Slav Ivanov
Aug 24, 2021
Set the status to

I believe this can be done with the "Simple email editor" and the "Transactional emails" category now.